These three duos are revolutionising the entire logistics industry in India.

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Posted On : 30th, November 2018

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These three duos are revolutionising the entire logistics industry in India.

30th, November 2018    -    Startup Event

One of the crucial functions of business is managing its logistic and supply chain management. The logistic is the backbone which helps the company to grow. Here is the conversation with Rapid Delivery which is revolutionising the entire logistic function for Ecommerce companies in India.

S J: Tell us about yourself to our readers.

R D: Aaqyl Chagla is an IT engineer from St. Francis Institute of Technology. Apart from being a tech geek who spearheads our tech development, he also is the CEO at Rapid Delivery. He loves logistics and is always finding ways to optimize any operational process.

Naomi Leon – Naomi is a Telecommunication engineer from St Francis Institute of Technology. Naomi spearheads the Business Development Vertical at Rapid Delivery. She along with her team help us get different clients and understand the pain points that exist in the market.

Adarsh Chokhani – Adarsh is an Electronics and Telecommunications engineer from Sardar Patel Institute of Technology. He likes trying out different things which help increase the efficiency of a process. He spearheads Operations and the Innovations vertical at Rapid Delivery.


S J: Tell us about Rapid Delivery and how does it work, help the Ecommerce companies to stream line their business?

R D: Rapid Delivery started with an aim to modernize the logistics market which runs with a traditional backbone. We first started by building the necessary software to optimize our operations. This enabled us to make the overall operations process much more organized and efficient. We set up our base in Mumbai and provided an array of courier services. We then settled down into providing forward, reverse and hybrid (Reverse + Forward) services. Now we are focused on helping the entire eco-commerce ecosystem become organized by providing an end-to-end solution which will cut through the traditional systems and will help us and our vendors get their entire operations streamlined on one platform. 

S J: How did you validate the initial idea of Rapid Delivery?

R D: We did a pilot run starting with a few pin codes in Mumbai with a couple of newly on boarded clients. Through the entire process we kept building on our tech and operations in order to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. During this process we also hand delivery shipments ourselves and seen the challenges accordingly taking necessary measures to increase the success rate. Once we ran a successful pilot with a limited number of pin codes we then started operations in entire Mumbai and other locations.

S J: How Rapid Delivery unique from others?

R D: Rapid Delivery is tech enabled Logistics Company which aims to help businesses optimize their supply chain process irrespective of the size of their business. We focus on making your supply chain process more effective and economical rather than compete with our peers on the per delivery price. We do so by providing a solution to take care of your operations, and our on ground fleet helps them fulfil and deliver orders. Rapid Delivery aims to extend the scope right from the time you receive an order and take till the reconciliation of that order is completed so that the entire chain is taken care of. We want to be present at every step with you as you run your business.

S J: Logistic industry is crowded by many big time and small time players. Many Businesses failed and vanished from the market. Your opinion on the industry

R D: Logistics is the largest sector In India at around $210Billion. With our technology and logistics services, we have the opportunity to acquire new untapped customers along with competing with the traditional. It is safe to say that with the sheer market size, as of now, there is a lot of room because of a majority of this sector being disorganised (including companies with traditional infrastructure).

S j: How did the market respond to your product and learning from the market feedback?

R D: The market is open to trying out new courier options if given better service and TATs. We learn from our customers and we are constantly adding technology to improve processes based on their feedback. It's a constant learning process.

S J: What are the initial challenges you have faced and how did you overcome them?

R D: The main challenge which still remains in opening metro cities is man power. It is a big challenge to find good delivery boys and moreover capable staff. It is something we still find challenging but now we do have a good and strong network so via word of mouth and agencies we have overcome this gap. Apart from that getting clients to you online systems that help streamline their processes in the long run can also be a bit challenging specially if there are used to traditional methods. Start-ups and young founders are open to technology and value how easy it makes tracking, reporting and studying their data but older corporates and companies can be challenging.

S J: How did you manage your initial days in terms of Funds, people, clients?

R D: Due to the size of the market and the requirement of our service we always had clients, we are also very focused on our unit costs so we managed a good cash flow so staffing and funds was not an issue.

S J: Where do you see Rapid Delivery in the next few years and what are the possible services you're planning to launch in the market?

R D: Our present focus areas include growing our courier presence in major metro cities or in cities where a higher concentration of pickups exist. Our future focus areas include creating a streamlined system for efficient supply chain management to reduce cost and processing time for companies. We currently cater to clients in the E-commerce sector. Once we have successfully deployed our solution, we will be catering to retail clients who want to go online, and we will diversify into B2B Transport.

S J: Please share one quote and your words for budding entrepreneurs.

R D: "Nothing worth having comes easy"

This is something we live by. Because when you decide to run your own company every single day, is a new day with a new problem you have to choose if you will turn it into an opportunity or let it become a bigger hassle in the long run .!!

Website: Rapid Delivery

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