How does Mentor add value to the Startup?

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Posted On : 08th, January 2019

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How does Mentor add value to the Startup?

08th, January 2019    -    Startup community

Mentor is a person who provide the moral and ethical support to the Startup and ensure that the Startup achieve its desired state. Mentor brings his vast experience and domain knowledge to help and guide the Startup founders.

But in the recent development in the Startup ecosystem we see many people who claim to be the mentors. The question is do they qualify to become Mentor? What value do they add to the Startup?

Here is the analysis of How and Why Startup select the Mentor.


Selecting a Startup mentor is not an easy process. It takes lot time and efforts from Entrepreneurs to find the good mentor for their business. 


Who is a mentor? How does he add values to the Startup and founder?


Mentor is a person who has experience in the given field and provides the advice to others. The role of a mentor does not limit itself to only the happy phases, but also at times when failure is at its peak and all possibilities have been tried and tested, but avail no result.

Mentor is life supporting system for Startup.


A mentor is a guide, a support system, a friend, a knight in shining armour and much more. They support a business idea, suggest remedies, inject growth policies, help in analysis of the business model, shortcuts, strategies etc. and are there when the Startup fails to perform up to the said benchmarks.


The need of a mentor in the murkier phase of the startup journey is more as compared to that in the stable phases. The process of dealing with failure is disconcerting and can affect an entrepreneur’s confidence level and abilities. In this hour, a mentor provides mental, emotional support to the mentee and rationalizes the concept of failure.


When an entrepreneur goes through the turmoil of making difficult business decisions then a mentor can help them to decide wisely and choose the right path with a calculative mindset.


Failure does not mean end of the world and mentors can make you believe that given their elaborate experience in the field. They can be your trust boards, secret keepers and problem solvers in the times when no remedy works and all strategies fail. The depressing phase of failure can be converted to an opportunity if the mentor understands the reason behind and successfully explains it to the entrepreneur.


Positive outlook from mentor create a positive waves on entrepreneur and Startup. This is the kind of outlook a mentor has and they try to inculcate the same in their mentee so that they are future ready. We never know what happens in the later phases of startup, how well the brand would do, how the competition would emerge, but with a good and an efficient, experienced mentor by the side, one can believe that the journey would not be that rocky. 


Mentor will act a life saver for start-ups during crisis time and join the happiness during the celebration. 


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