Baabae Technologies

Baabae Technologies

  • Role : Student Growth Hacker
  • Location : Delhi
  • Experience : Fresher
  • Job Type : Internship
  • CTC : NA

About the company

Job Description :

As for responsibilities, the Growth Hacker’s job has three core components:

first, to define the company’s growth plan, second, to coordinate and execute growth programs, and third, to optimize the revenue funnel.

But before any of these things can take place, the Growth Hacker needs to make sure the right data infrastructure is in place.

The Student Growth Hacker function typically lives at the intersection of marketing and product development, and is focused on customer and user acquisition, activation, retention, and upsell.

The Student Growth Hacker usually reports either to Keshav directly.

They work cross-functionally with engineering, design, analytics, product management, operations, and marketing to design and execute growth initiatives.

They must help Baabae define its growth objective, typically by answering two core questions.

First, at which layers of the funnel should growth initiatives be focused? For instance, should resources go to user acquisition or to combatting churn? Second, the Growth Manager needs to help the company to quantify and understand progress against goals.

This task is accomplished through the selection of key performance indicators, and the development of reports on these metrics for consumption across Baabae.

Growth Hackers also provide customer insight, by blending data with a deep understanding of user needs, habits, and perceptions developed through targeted interviews, usability studies, and customer feedback.

Utilize the data they have to answer some of the troubling “whys” that a company may have.

(For instance: Why are users dropping out of the sign up experience? Why don’t users come back to the application after the initial download? Why aren’t users responding to special offers? These insights are then fed back into the product team to help prioritize product priorities)

Furthermore, the Growth Hackers is responsible for prioritizing growth initiatives and product changes. Ideas for initiatives to create growth originate in virtually all functions at Baabae.

A Student Growth Hacker is a catcher and champion for product requests from outside the growth team.

Further, the Growth Hacker must implement a framework for prioritizing growth-specific product improvements, and organizing the testing rhythm

This role needs creativity, strategic thinking, and of course leadership.

The latter is particularly important since the Growth Hackers must align all market-facing functions to a shared growth objective without direct authority, and must build a growth team whose culture is suited to the challenging and experimental nature of the work.

The activities the hacker would be assigned would include:

• Develop an annual sales plan for the territory, including strategies and tactics for key accounts, vertical markets, sales channels, sales support for existing partners, etc., submits for approval, and executes accordingly.

• Participates with cross-function core teams in the planning and determination of specific account prospects and forecasting short and long-term funnel of sales activities.

• Analyzes prospect's business activity, present mode of operation, profit status and similar areas of consideration. Determines potential problem areas and develops an appropriate sales approach.

• Organizes sales calls by priority of potential prospect needs and total sales potential Accurately, timely and promptly reflects all account activity in the weekly forecasting process and in the sales database in accordance with Baabae methodology.

• Builds and maintains customer relationships on a day-to-day basis through account management, cold calling, prospecting, servicing account issues, up-selling, etc.

• Makes sales calls on prospects, develops and maintains contact and rapport with appropriate personnel; questions prospects on needs, product requirements and current product problems; outlines basic product needs, coordinates and develops proposals.

• Prepares presentation of proposals; anticipates problem areas and points of potential sales resistance and closes business.

• Develops and grows the assigned region by proactively using business development initiatives (e.g., calling/visiting strategic or major accounts, large systems integrators, key government-centric resellers, etc.) and engaging with other industry-specific alliance and business partners.

• Develops joint business development and growth strategies with partner channels to maximize sales penetration within the territory. Encourages further collaborative business partner pursuits. Manages all aspects of building strong sales channels (resellers, system Integrators, etc.) and alliance partners within the sector, including evaluating, recruiting, training, and fostering relationships.

• Represents the company at various industry events (tradeshows, seminars, conferences, etc.) and conducts product demonstrations, technical presentations and interacts with prospects and clients, etc.

• Works with Baabae management team on strategic business partner initiatives, territory promotional programs and other territory or industry relationships to maximize and leverage partner, distribution and revenue opportunities.

• Analyzes and disseminates competitive information and provides feedback to Baabae business development and marketing management.

• Adheres to the Baabae Ethics.


• Strong and determined.

• Customer focused.

• Ability to create, develop and execute strategies dynamically.

• Experience of high-level relationships within society.

• Passionate about the business and its success

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