The Bombay Shaving Company

The Bombay Shaving Company

Shantanu Deshpande

Bombay Shaving Company

Delhi, india



Bombay Shaving Company was built to give you and ourselves a better way to shave. Master industrial designers, makers of the world’s sharpest blades, the finest fragrance creators, were only some of the people who came together to make the Regimen a reality

Shaving has always been a chore for the man who likes to keep clean. Razors with 5, 6, 7, 11 blades don’t cut it, especially without leaving bumps and burns. To solve this issue, we went back to the basics and carefully designed a 4-step process that also takes care of the most important, yet overlooked, aspect of shaving: prepping your whiskers before you pick up the razor, and healing your skin after you put it down.

The team claims that currently 95 percent of sales take place online, and a part of the current funding will be used to expand the brand’s offline presence in salons and stores.

The beard grooming industry targets over 25 million users and has a market size of Rs 2,000 crore. Apart from The Bombay Shaving Company, there are several brands focused on men’s grooming products. These include Gurgaon-based ManCompany, Ahmedabad-based Beardo (acquired by Marico), and Chandigarh-based LetsShave.

But Bombay Shaving Company believes there’s no reason to worry.

“By expanding across products, channels (online, offline and B2B sales) and geographies (we’re present in the US, will expand to other countries as well), we plan to hit an annual run rate of 30 crore per year in the next fiscal,” Shantanu says.

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Visage Lines Personal Care Pvt. Ltd.

F-213-B, First Floor,

Old M.B. Road, Lado Sarai,


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