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OpenTap is working towards financially including blue collar workers whose salary ranges from INR 6K to INR 20K a month. They have little or no accumulated savings, and like others, have planned / unplanned financial requirements.

Banks find this population commercially unviable, consequently the services offered by them are also very limited and in many cases, non-existent. As a result, this population unfortunately use their banks only to withdraw money. So, when an emergency knocks, they turn towards alternate sources of finance which are limited, unregulated and risky.

Three individuals with two things in common – Wall Street and a burning desire to do something for the not so inclusive section of the society, got together and incubated OpenTap.


Having seen first-hand the impact of a crashing economy and a deeper understanding of the situation, brought home the truth that a significant section of the society does not have access to financial services. Most of them are decent human beings who are needlessly denied credit, and in an emergency – they either end up dealing with usurious money lenders or then, are unsure where to go. Thus, begins their saga of being endlessly in debt and dealing with unfulfilled requirements.

This is the situation the founders wanted to change.


Contact address-

Address: #62, Abhiramapuram 3rd Street, 1st Floor, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018

Hours: Open now ·

Phone: 044 4353 5667

Product and service-

For Borrowers-Clean, convenient and competitive short term personal loans

For Lenders-Responsible and participative lending avenue

For Employers-Employee motivation and retention program at zero cost to you

Funding: They raised fund from HNIs of ₹30M through Venture Round.

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