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Founded in February 2016 by a team of passionate and dedicated professionals, Rentprop4u is one of the fastest growing digitally driven home rental solution provider located in heart of Bangalore.

Through offering complete end to end solutions to both the owners as well as tenants, we ensure to provide improved user experience, manage properties and impart you with full customer satisfaction.

Right from searching, booking and easily moving in we help you a hassle free experience.

Rentprop4u solves five basic problems in the realty industry which have been the biggest pain points for owners and tenants. It simplifies the entire process of residential property management. 

1. It helps to do away with property visits for owners and tenants. Tenants can view the property online without making a visit and make the bookings too. For owners, they do a quarterly inspection and send images so the owners do not have to visit the properties. 

2. It takes on the onus of tenant screening. They do background checks and share police verification reports with the owners before allowing the tenants to occupy the property. 

3. It drafts the rental agreement between the owner and tenant. 

4. Be it electrical, plumbing or carpentry, Rentprop4u takes care of maintenance and repair. 

5. Rentprop4u collects the monthly rent from the tenant and hands it over to the owner. 

A few of their USPs include:  

•Flexible payment scheme for customers 

•Zero brokerage 

•365 days support, just a call away. 

•The guarantee to let out the property in less than 30 days or start paying the rent to the owner within a month.

Website: Rentprop4u

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