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At Earth Food, they take their produce very seriously. All Earth Food’s vegetables and fruit are grown at our very own farms that follow the heathiest and most hygienic of practices the year round. Earth Food’s produce is grown with love and care from day 1 so you only get the best, nutritionally loaded produce. All Earth Food’s vegetables are strictly residue free and are minimally touched by human hands to avoid any sort of contamination. They follow G.A.P practices and transport all our deliciously rich vegetables and fruits to the comforts of customer’s home within 8 hours! When customer choose Earth Food, rest assured that your nutrients are coming from the healthiest and cleanest sources, locally grown at our private farms.

Wise men have often said, good health is life’s greatest blessing. And no one knows it better than Mother Nature. With her unlimited bounty, she has been regulating our climate. Rearing us. And feeding us for a long, long time. So why go and bio-engineer crops, eat processed food and generally mess around with her? At Earth Food, we shield Mother Nature from harmful chemicals. And practices. They believe, food should be pure, fresh, nutrient-rich and healthy. And that’s why Earth Food is produced and grown naturally and in an eco-friendly way. We use a healthy mix of traditional methods and innovation to keep pollution and wastage to a minimum. Most importantly, we ensure it is minimally touched by humans to avoid adulteration. This, we believe, not only makes it healthy for you, but also for the environment. The trick is not to try and change Mother Nature. But to live with her

Grown with love at a 100-acre farm quietly nestled at the warm foothills of Malthan, Earth Food ensures that quality of produce is paramount. Right from seeding to hand picking, Earth Food’s vegetables and fruit enjoy some of the special perks of being located further away from the hustle and bustle in the city of Pune. All operations are handled and managed at Earth Food’s estate in Malthan and are finally packed at certified packaging houses that follow universal guidelines in hygiene and nutrition. Earth Food want Earth Food’s consumers to enjoy a wholesome experience when digging in to our farm fresh harvest. Earth Food is the easiest choice to make.



Contact address-

VTP house

Next to Inorbit Mall

52/2b, Pune Nagar Road


Mobile: +91 7620450000



Product and service-

They have vegetables in category

All vegetable

Indian vegetables

Exotic vegetables

Funding: they raised $949,000 from Rairah Corporation through Seed / Angel Funding

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