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Taxsutra prides itself being a leading realtime information provider. We take pride in acting as an enabler for our clients and help them to take right decisions. Our team which lives the ‘realtime’ spirit, is absolutely passionate about knowledge driven, intellectually stimulating and creatively fulfilling work structure. It perfectly mirrors our work-culture which is meritocratic, fast-paced yet enriching, friendly yet professional. Being associated with Taxsutra also gives them feeling of being privileged and ahead of others as they are powered with the most important tool of the modern times…the INFORMATION.

Taxsutra’s real time news and analysis on Direct Taxes (

Premier news offering on Indian Taxes

Enjoy unlimited access to fine journalism, with continuous coverage of the most important news, issues and newsmakers, with expert opinions and comments specific to tax.

Real time Reporting

Receive quick updates on ITAT, AAR, HC and SC rulings on income tax matters plus access to important rulings. Taxsutra will also be tracking developments in Income Tax department, CBDT and Finance Ministry, with a view to keep tax professionals abreast of the latest trends therein.

Blogs & Interactive chats

Some other prominent features of the portal will be our blogs, interactive chats and expert columns.

Litigation Tracker

At Taxsutra, we track important cases during litigation to bring you the current status, not only the final judgement.


Registered Office-

Realtime Taxsutra Services Pvt. Ltd.

402, Uma Mahesh Society,

48, Rambag Colony,

Paud Road,

Pune - 411 038


Contact: Kalpana J at +91 98200 47188

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